Hey there! Welcome to the diverse world of hair extensions!
Bundles and closures are more than just accessories; they are integral to your look. However, with numerous options available, making the right choice can be tricky.
Fear not! We'll assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your personality. Additionally, we'll provide tips to ensure you get the best results!
This blog post will share 4 tips for women when purchasing bundles and closures for their use!

Choose the appropriate bundle length

In general, most hair bundles have an average weight of 100 grams. For those with hair lengths surpassing 20 inches, the recommendation is to use 4 hair bundles. This ensures a fuller look from tip to root. On the other hand, if your hair falls within the 12 to 18-inch range,3 bundles are sufficient to achieve your desired look. Remember, the key is to consider the proportionate weight distribution for optimal styling.

bundles size
Choosing the Right Closure for Your Hair Extension Experience

Selecting the right closure is crucial for a successful hair extension experience. Here are the main types of closures to consider:

  • Free-Part Closure: These closures offer the freedom to part your hair in any way you choose. Perfect for those who love to switch up their style regularly.
  • Middle-Part Closure: a closure that has a pre-plucked middle part, a very welcomed hair closure type.
  • Three-Part Closure: This closure gives 3 parts design-left side, right side and middle part to be purchased.

 closures compare


Quality Matters

Remy hair known for its cuticle alignment and unidirectional arrangement, offers a natural look and minimal tangling. Virgin hair, never chemically treated and pure in form, provides versatility in styling and dyeing. These are the choices for those who demand the best in hair quality.

Recognizing Authenticity

Distinguishing between authentic and synthetic hair is crucial. Genuine hair exhibits a natural sheen and smooth texture, reacting to weather conditions similarly to your natural hair. Learning these distinctions is essential to ensure you invest in high-quality, authentic extensions.

When shopping for hair extensions, the credibility of the seller is paramount. Select a seller with a physical store where you can personally assess the hair quality and try on the headgear before making a purchase. BUW has physical stores in various countries, including Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Houston.

 buw physical store

Budget Considerations

Striking the right balance between quality and affordability is essential. Investing in high-quality hair is an investment in your appearance and confidence. However, finding excellent options is possible without squandering your hard-earned money.


It's all about finding the perfect match for your unique style and needs. Remember these four key tips: Your hair reflects your personality, so choose extensions that make you feel confident and beautiful.

For a hands-on experience and expert guidance, don't hesitate to visit a BUW store near you! There, you can touch, feel, and even try on different hair bundles and closures.

Embrace the world of hair extensions, and let your hair do the talking!